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“I first worked with Brandi as an ARC reviewer. She posted thorough reviews in a prompt fashion, detailing what she liked about the book without spoilers. I pulled her onto by beta team for my most recent release and was very impressed with her quick, in-depth feedback.”

Rysa Walker, Author: CHRONOS Origins Trilogy, 47NORTH Publishing

“Brandi did the editing for my book Heretic Faith. She was a joy to work with. She gave me great feedback and offered very positive suggestions that helped me a lot. Her idea of a glossary for the book delighted my readers! Brandi has reviewed my books and gave honest insightful reviews. I highly recommended her to everyone and I will be going to her for all of my future book work.”

Beth Hildenbrand, Poet & Author: The Cain Series

“Brandi was very easy to work with, kept open communication with me during the beta and ARC reading process, and everything was done in a timely manner. Her feedback was concise and helped strengthen my book. I will definitely use Brandi in the future for beta reading and ARC reading.”

Norma Marie, Author: The Mirrors Series

“I found Brandi on Goodreads and reached out to her to see if she would be willing to review a book for a client of mine. She left an honest and informative review without giving away any spoilers. Her review was prompt. She was very polite and easy to work with. Brandi is an excellent choice as a book reviewer.”

Katrina, Publicist with Wise Media Group and Reviewer Perks

I gave [Brandi] a very short timeline and a short list of key points for feedback. I received your feedback before my deadline and not once did I feel that you rushed with your feedback. It was thorough, to the point and extremely helpful. I appreciated every time you mentioned when you liked something I wrote and why you liked it. When you thought something needed to be written stronger or differently, you told me so in a kind and helpful way. I felt that you wanted to really help me make the story better. I believe your input made my story better and helped me learn as a writer. You are an asset to any author and their BETA team.”

Anne C. West, Author of Sweet Historical Romance Series

“I found Brandi off Goodreads, and she has been an excellent beta-reader. She has provided frequent updates, and offered very helpful comments. Furthermore, the advice she offered was specific enough to be incredibly useful for polishing up my draft. It has given me a sense of some of my weaknesses as an author and how I can improve. At the same time, despite the straight-forward criticism, Brandi’s attitude and remarks have always remained positive and tactful, making her extremely pleasant to work with. She finished beta-reading in a timely manner and is someone I would absolutely be thrilled to work with again.”

Dania Sang, Author: “Can’t Be a Love Potion” (Sweet Fantasy – Romance Novella)

“Brandi was able to get my manuscript back in a timely manner with excellent, actionable feedback. She was encouraging and helpful in so many ways, I couldn’t recommend her enough!” Brett Porters, Author: “Trinity” (YA/ Sci-fi/ Thriller)

“I appreciate Brandi’s time and hard work. Her thought-provoking comments and outside perspective help strengthen my story.”

Stephen, Author: “The Red Door” (YA/ MS)

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