Anne C. West, Author of the Sweet Historical Romance Trilogy

“It’s the first time I ever worked with betas and I took a chance to ask on Goodreads for somebody to help with my latest book. Brandi answered and you were amazing.
I gave you a very short timeline and a short list of key points for feedback. You over delivered with your feedback. I received your feedback before my deadline and not once did I feel that you rushed with your feedback. It was thorough, to the point and extremely helpful. I appreciated every time you mentioned when you liked something I wrote and why you liked it. When you thought something needed to be a written stronger or differently, you told me so in a kind and helpful way. I felt that you wanted to really help me make the story better. I believe your input made my story better and helped me learn as a writer. I hope this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful professional relationship.
Thank you for your help. You are an asset to any author and their BETA team.”