Metaphysical Fiction

The Path of Temptation – Beth Hildenbrand

Metaphysical Fiction, Gothic Fiction, Poetry, Young Adult (12-18) ★★★★ What I Love About This Book of Poetry:I am not really a Dark Fantasy reader. However, Beth's writing is well done and relatable. This short book of poetry is enticing, thrill-seeking, eclectic and page turning. Why You Should Read This Book: Not for the faint of… Continue reading The Path of Temptation – Beth Hildenbrand

YA/ Sci-fi/ Spy

Edgewood Series – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Spy story, Detective Story Books 1-3 ★★★★ I am a huge fan of Karen's young adult novels. "The Edgewood Series" is no exception! This four novel series, discusses the life of four teenagers: Russel, Malory, Jameson and Nadia, as they embark on their new life with super powers! During the series the four… Continue reading Edgewood Series – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult Self Esteem My Tribe Author

Life on Hold – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Self- Esteem ★★★★ A gripping novel about friendship, new beginnings, adolescent struggles, and family dynamics. This young adult novel, is fast paced and leaves you wanting more to this story! The main characters struggle with constant life changes, dysfunctional families, coming of age issues and creating new friends. If you are new to… Continue reading Life on Hold – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult / Sci-Fi

From A Distant Star – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Sci - Fi ★★★★★ The more I read Karen Mcquestion's young adult novels, the more I fall in love with her writing. I admire her creativity and writing style. "From A Distant Star" is a stand alone young adult novel with sci-fi elements. Not for the faint of heart this novel discusses terminal… Continue reading From A Distant Star – Karen McQuestion

My Book Tribe Author, Young Adult

Favorite – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Mental Health ★★★★★ Favorite is Karen McQuestion's second novel. Written in 2011, Favorite is very closely written similar to Karen's newest novel The Moonlight Child. This young adult novel tells the story of Angie Favorite, her mothers disappearance and 5 years later Angie's near abduction from a parking lot. While brilliantly written, this… Continue reading Favorite – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult Time Travel

Time’s Echo – Rysa Walker

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Short Story ★★★★★ This novella shares more of Kate and Kiernan's story. Here we see from Kiernan's perspective and witness Kate in an alternate timeline. Times Echo is a must read for any CHRONOS fan and for all of Kiernan's fans.

Teen/ YA Time Travel & Dystopian Romance

Time’s Divide – Rysa Walker

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Teen/YA Dystopian Romance CHRONOS Files Book #3 ★★★★★ What a fantastic ending to this series! In Time's Divide we find out if Kate's efforts to stop Saul's and Cyrist's plans is successful. Has she been able to keep the timeline together? Who are really her true allies - Kiernan,… Continue reading Time’s Divide – Rysa Walker

Young Adult Time Travel

Time’s Mirror – Rysa Walker

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel ★★★★ Time's Mirror is a novella between books 2 and 3 in the CHRONOS Files series. Time's Mirror is written from Prudence's viewpoint. The novella is well written and engaging. I will be the first one to say that I do not like Prudence. The character is well written,… Continue reading Time’s Mirror – Rysa Walker

Teen/YA US Historical Fiction

Time’s Edge – Rysa Walker

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel Teen and Young Adult US Historical Fiction CHRONOS Files Book #2 ★★★★ Kate can only rely on Kiernan to help her set the timeline straight. Will they make the right choices in which CHRONOS keys to take in the past so as not to tip off her grandfather Saul… Continue reading Time’s Edge – Rysa Walker