YA/ Sci-fi/ Spy

Edgewood Series – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Spy story, Detective Story Books 1-3 ★★★★ I am a huge fan of Karen's young adult novels. "The Edgewood Series" is no exception! This four novel series, discusses the life of four teenagers: Russel, Malory, Jameson and Nadia, as they embark on their new life with super powers! During the series the four… Continue reading Edgewood Series – Karen McQuestion

My Book Tribe Author, Young Adult

Favorite – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Mental Health ★★★★★ Favorite is Karen McQuestion's second novel. Written in 2011, Favorite is very closely written similar to Karen's newest novel The Moonlight Child. This young adult novel tells the story of Angie Favorite, her mothers disappearance and 5 years later Angie's near abduction from a parking lot. While brilliantly written, this… Continue reading Favorite – Karen McQuestion

Women's Fiction

Sweet Lake – Christine Nolfi

Women's Fiction, Friendship Fiction, Family/Relationship Fiction, Sisters Fiction ★★★★ If you are looking for a summer book or a new series to start you should read this book! Sweet Lake is a wonderful, feel good, romantic novel!Sweet Lake is the first book that I have read by Christine and I loved it! I won this… Continue reading Sweet Lake – Christine Nolfi