Book Reviews By Genre and Author Name


Science Fiction/ Alternate History

<>Rysa Walker (Science Fiction, Time Travel, Young Adult, Mystery)

CHRONOS Files (Time Travel, YA/TEEN, Sci- Fi, Mystery)

CHRONOS Origins Series (Alternate history, Time travel, Sci-fi)

Thistlewood Star Mysteries Series (Cozy Mystery, Small Town Mystery)

Historical Fiction

>Jean Grainger (Jewish Historical Fiction, Irish Historical Fiction)

The Tour (Conor O’Shea Series) (Historical Irish Fiction, Historical British Fiction, Literary Sagas, Cultural Heritage Fiction)

The Star and the Shamrock Series (Jewish Historical Fiction, Irish Historical Fiction, WWII)

Robinswood Series (Historical Irish Fiction, Historical British Fiction, WWII, Literary Sagas, 20th century historical fiction)

Queenstown Series (2021)

The Kilteegan Bridge Story (2022)

Standalone Novels

Jewish Historical Fiction

Georgia HunterWe Were The Lucky Ones


Contemporary Romance

<> Norma Marie (Contemporary Romance, Divorce Fiction, Adult & College Romance)

Mirrors Series

Sweet Romance Historical Fiction

<>Anne C West (Historical Fiction, Novella, Short Story)


Denise Grover Swank (Mystery, Rom-Com)

Rose Garner Mysteries

  • Sins of the Father (Rose Gardner Mystery Novella 9.5)
  • Thirty Six and a Half Motives (Rose Gardner Mystery #9)
  • Thirty Five and a Half Conspiracies (Rose Gardner Mystery #8)
  • Thirty Four and a Half Predicaments (Rose Gardner Mystery #7)
  • Ripple of Secrets (Rose Gardner Mystery Novella 6.5)
  • Thirty Three and a Half Shenanigans (Rose Gardner Mystery #6)
  • Picking up the Pieces (Rose Gardner Mystery Novella 5.5)
  • Thirty Two and a Half Complications (Rose Gardner Mystery #5)
  • Thirty One and a Half Regrets (Rose Gardner Mystery #4)
  • Falling to Pieces (Rose Gardner Mystery Novella 3.5)
  • Thirty and a Half Excuses (Rose Gardner Mystery #3)
  • Twenty Nine and a Half Reasons (Rose Gardner Mystery #2)
  • Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes (Rose Gardner Mystery #1)

Neeley Kate Mysteries

  • Trailer Trash (Neely Kate Mystery #1)
  • In High Cotton (Neely Kate Mystery #2)
  • Dirty Money (Neely Kate Mystery #3)

Rose Gardner Investigations

  • Family Jewels (Rose Gardner Investigations #1)
  • For the Birds (Rose Gardner Investigations #2)
  • Hell in a Handbasket (Rose Gardner Investigations #3)
  • Up Shutte Creek (Rose Gardner Investigations #4)
  • Come Rain or Shine (Rose Gardner Investigations #5)
  • When The Bough Breaks (Rose Gardner Investigations #6)
  • It All Falls Down (Rose Gardner Investigations #7) (February 9, 2021)

Carly Moore Series


Denise Grover Swank and Christine Gale

Christine Gale

My Book Tribe Authors

  1. Karen McQuestion (Women’s Fiction, Young Adult)

2. Christine Nolfi (Women’s Fiction)

Children’s Books (Coming Soon!)