Alternate History/ Science Fiction, Rysa Walker

Time’s Vault: A CHRONOS Anthology – Rysa Walker

Sci-Fi, Timetravel, Anthology

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Time’s Vault is an anthology of short stories related to Rysa Walker’s CHRONOS world. The books included are: Time’s Echo, “Splinter”, “2092”, Time’s Mirror, “The Gambit”, Simon Says, “Whack Job”, CHRONOS Mission Files (bonus content), “The Circle that Whines”, “Full Circle”, “Ashes and Rose”.

Originally some of these short stories were printed under different titles and included in other science fiction anthologies. This anthology brings them all together for you in one place! With additional content only found in this anthology. You can see my reviews for several of the short stories linked above.

Why You Should Read The Anthology

If you have not read the short stories related to the CHRONOS world, you really should! Several of the short stories are additional stories based on characters in the original CHRONOS Files series. Several of the short stories provide additional information on the character’s background, and background of the time period (s). “Simon Says” is a continuation of a storyline in the original series. “The Circle that Whines” is told from the POV of Daphne, the dog in the CHRONOS: Origins trilogy.

One of my favorite short stories is, “Splinter”. This short story gives more information on one of my favorite CHRONOS characters – Kiernan! (PSA to all the partners out there: Kiernan is book boyfriend material!)

What I Liked About This Anthology

The bonus content CHRONOS Mission Files and “Ashes and Rose” was my primary reason for purchasing this anthology. I love everything CHRONOS related. And I needed to read the new stories! I really enjoyed the CHRONOS Mission files. I loved reading about the missions from several historians. I enjoyed reading the files from historians we have not read about before. It helped me to see outside of the original storyline and read other character’s experiences. In the original series, I enjoyed reading Katherine’s time travel stories as a historian. Reading these new mission files, helped me to gain a better understanding from other historian’s viewpoints. It adds more depth to the overall CHRONOS experience.

The anthology overall is a great resource to have. If you are a fan of Rysa Walkers CHRONOS world, then I highly recommend this anthology! This is a must have for all CHRONOS fans!

For more CHRONOS world reviews, visit my Book Reviews page.

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