Romance Suspense

The Truth Keeps Silent – AV Asher

Romance Suspense, Legal Thrillers, Action and Adventure

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Truth Keeps Silent: A Second Chance Romantic Suspense (Truth & Lies Duet Book 1) by [A.V. Asher]

AV Asher is an author you need to follow! “The Truth Keeps Silent” is an epic debut novel. This book blew me away. If you enjoy Romantic Suspense, this book needs to be added to your TBR list!

From the author:

“Where do you run when everything has been stripped away? 

Starting over hasn’t gone well for Mercedes Elliott. After making the biggest mistake of her life, moving halfway across the world felt right at the time. But six months later, she’s isolated, dependent on a dangerous relationship with her boyfriend, Jason Marsh, and no closer to rebuilding her once promising legal career. Running low on hope, Mercedes secretly reaches out to the one man she never thought she’d see again. Former British Intelligence officer Alec McKinley always regretted letting Mercedes slip through his fingers. So when she invites him for coffee, he jumps at the chance to see her. Warm, funny, and still stunningly beautiful, Mercedes draws Alec in as much as ever. But despite her cheerful smile, he can’t ignore the pain hiding in her eyes. After Jason’s obsession with Mercedes comes to a violent head, she finds herself unable to escape his suffocating grasp. That is, until Alec makes an unexpected offer that could be Mercedes’s saving grace. But accepting that offer comes at a cost. Being near Alec ignites a flame she thought had burned out long ago. And when they realize Jason is not the man they thought he was, she and Alec uncover a stunning truth about the past that will change everything between them.”

What I Liked About This Book:

I was amazed by how well written this book is for a debut novel. I really enjoyed the characters, the twists and turns throughout the novel, and even the triggering content was relatable and realistic. I enjoyed learning more about the background between the various characters. I literally read this book in ONE DAY. I could NOT put it down. I was very invested in the characters and into the story. I can not wait for book 2!

Why You Should Read This Book:

AV Asher has proven herself as a Romantic Suspense author with her debut novel. The Truth Keeps Silent is fast paced, with a well developed plot, storyline, relatable characters and experiences.


For mature audiences only. 18+. Contains explicit sex scenes, strong language and violence.

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