Historical Irish Fiction

Last Port of Call – Jean Grainger

Irish Historical Fiction

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Last Port of Call: The Queenstown Series by [Jean Grainger]
Book #1 in the Queenstown Series

I am so excited for you to read book #1 in Jean Grainger’s new series! I have been waiting for this book for months! Jean Grainger does not disappoint!

The setting is in Queenstown, Cork, Ireland. The year is 1912. The main character is Harp, a 12 year old daughter of the housekeeper. Hope is unique and different from her peers. She escapes into the world of reading and learning. Her mother is Rose is the housekeeper. They live in a beautiful Georgian home on the cliff side overlooking the port, called the Cliff House. Henry Devereaux is the homeowner. He is an intellectual and reclusive, seeking solace in his ancestral home with Harp and Rose. The day the Titanic sets sail from the port, is a devastating blow to the town and to Harp and Rose. Setting them on a course the ladies had no idea was going to occur!

What I love about this book: I love the main character is a 12 year old girl. I love how unique and quirky she is. In a way she reminds me of myself at that time in my life. I love the idea of the coastal town. I enjoy the relationship between Harp, Rose and Henry.

Why you should read this book: I love Jean’s writing and her ability to captivate her readers through her lovable characters. She excels at character development and depth. Even in unique circumstances, her characters are relatable. I feel like I am there experiencing the time and story with the characters! As a historical fiction novel, Jean researches and provides information in her books.

If you have not read any of Jean’s books, I highly suggest you start with this heartwarming book. I can not wait for book #2!

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