Psychological Thriller

The Shadow Box – Luanne Rice

Psychological Thriller, Family Life Fiction

The Shadow Box by [Luanne Rice]

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been reading Luanne Rice’s books for over 25 years. I really enjoy her writing style and her creativity. Her last 3 books have shown a shift in her writing and the stories told.

Fair warning: “The Shadow Box” is full of trigger issues. If it is difficult for you to read about domestic abuse, serial killers, alpha male antagonists, boys club topics then this book is probably not for you.

However, if you are not triggered by these topics, then “The Shadow Box” is a great read. This novel is full of suspense, page turning interactions, intense dialogue, character growth, and a strong female protagonist.

This story takes place after Claire is brutally attacked and left for dead. She feels her husband is the prime suspect. Claire is an artist whose primary medium is creating Shadow Boxes. At the beginning of the novel, Claire is about to have a show of her work at her friend’s Art Gallery. When Claire is a no show, her friends and the police begin looking for her. Throughout the novel, we learn about her relationship with her husband and his former relationships with women and his boy club friends. When a homicide occurs and the wife of her husband’s friend is killed, the two investigations spark the eventual looking into the husbands for the crimes.

The Shadow Box is everything I expected it to be from Luanne Rice.

Fast paced, page turning, emotional, and encouraging … The Shadow Box is a great psychological thriller to read.

The Shadow Box releases on February 2nd.

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