YA/ Sci-fi/ Spy

Edgewood Series – Karen McQuestion

Young Adult, Spy story, Detective Story

Books 1-3

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am a huge fan of Karen’s young adult novels. “The Edgewood Series” is no exception! This four novel series, discusses the life of four teenagers: Russel, Malory, Jameson and Nadia, as they embark on their new life with super powers! During the series the four teens meet, obtain their super powers and learn how to use them. Once the teens learn of their super powers, they are approached by multiple agencies, who want the teens to help them with their agendas.

The teens embark on adventures as they decide which agency’s side they are on. They also meet other individuals who have similar powers as their own. Once they have developed their super powers, the teens are made aware one of them is the “chosen one” and only this specific person can complete a unique task. It’s destiny! But which teenager is it? It is well worth the wait to find out who the chosen one is!

Additionally, I really enjoyed the fourth book, where Karen, wrapped up the series. She could have taken several different routes to explain the teenagers life with their super powers and I thoroughly enjoyed the decision the teenagers made.

If you enjoy novels about friendship, teen romance, relationships, family dynamics, super powers and some science fiction elements, then this is the series for you!

However, I do caution you this series includes some dysfunctional parent relationships, loss, abuse, trauma, PTSD, teenage guardianship and death.

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