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The Moonlight Child – Karen McQuestion

Women’s Crime Fiction, Women’s Psychological Fiction

The Moonlight Child by Karen McQuestion

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Based on a true story, Karen shares the story of Mia and her way back to her biological family.

I connected to this book in many ways. I too have my own “Sharon” in my life and it was beautiful to watch that story line develop between Sharon and a supporting character. Karen has provided us with a story which is a true reflection of experiences children still face in our society today.

While brilliantly written, this book is not for the faint of heart! The Moonlight Child covers difficult topics including trauma, abduction, missing persons, and addiction. The story is fast paced, with great character development and supporting characters. When I first heard the premise of The Moonlight Child and a little bit of background of this story, I was very intrigued.

Having read Karen McQuestion’s novel, Dovetail, released earlier this year, I had a high bar set for The Moonlight Child. The Moonlight Child met and exceeded my expectations! If you have a heart for children, youth, adolescents and for the underdog, then this is a book you need to read!

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