Paranormal Women's Fiction, PWF, FAB13

Halfway There – Eve Langlais

Paranormal Women’s Fiction, “FAB 13”, Cozy Mystery

Halfway There (Midlife Mulligan #1)
Midlife Mulligan Book #1

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Paranormal. Cozy Mystery. Women’s fiction.

This book was released with books from 12 other authors for Paranormal Women’s fiction. Typically this genre is not one that I read. However, I am a huge fan of one of the Fab13 authors (that is the name that these 13 authors have given themselves after polling their facebook group). I began with reading the book from my favorite author and have worked my way through the other books. This lead me to “Halfway There”!

“Halfway There” is the first book that I have read by this author and I was satisfied with it! I laughed A LOT! So much of what the main character goes through in this story is relatable. Yet just enough “fiction” in the story to keep you reading and turning the page! The paranormal aspect of the story was not offensive or too much to turn me away. If you are indecisive about reading a paranormal book, this is a good book to try.

Looking forward to book #2 in the series.

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