Medical Thriller

Biohacker – Leonard Carpenter

Science Fiction, Medical Thriller, Medical Fiction


Rating: 4 out of 5.
Biohacker is a suspenseful, action packed Sci-fi thriller. This book was written well before today’s current events, however, it can very much be a story about what the world is currently experiencing. Biohacker involves a man made bioweapon that is unleashed unbeknownst to the world. Once it is released, individuals all over the world become sick, regardless of race, ethnicity, social class, etc. Anyone and everyone can fall victim to this virus! We do not find out until the end of Biohacker, the true identity of the antagonist and his true reason for unleashing the virus. What is the fallout? How is humanity affected? If you enjoy reading Sci-fi and viruses, Biohacker is a great read!

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