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Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes – Mandy M. Roth

Grimm Cove Book #2

Paranormal Women’s Fiction, PWF Fab 13, ARC

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Book #2 in Grimm Cove Series

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dana was my favorite character in the first book and I was very excited when book 2 was all about her story.

The chemistry between Dana and Jeffery that was established in book 1, only gets better in book 2!
Watch out for hilarious comments between these two. Several moments where I cried from laughing so hard! I love the back and forth dynamic these two have.

Another aspect that drew me to this series is the friendship amongst the 3 girls. Their sisterhood and their fierce loyalty and protectiveness of each other.
Additionally the friendship and brotherhood between the males in the wolf pack.
The guys make for some great comic relief!

As the characters develop in each book, I find myself a little bit in each of them. I love that aspect of Mandys writing – the relatable characters. Makes me want to keep reading!

I can not wait for book 3 and Marcy’s story! I love her familiar and I hope there is more to his story in book 3.

I encourage you to read this series if you have not already. You are in for a treat! Hot wolf- shifters, 80s music references, sisterhood, a cute squirrel familiar… whats not to love?

This book is available on Amazon.

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