A Seance in Franklin Gothic – Rysa Walker

Amateur Sleuths, Cozy Animal Mystery, Ghost Mystery

A Séance in Franklin Gothic (Thistlewood Star Mysteries, #3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Book #3 in the Thistlewood Series

I am an avid reader of Rysa Walkers work. Prior to this series I read her CHRONOS series.
One aspect of C. Rysa Walkers` writing that I enjoy is her ability to tell a good story. I often find myself engrossed in her books and not putting them down! Her attention to minor details helps make the story more meaningful because she gives time to each part of her narrative in order to make the end story the best that it can be.

One of the aspects of this series that I enjoy is that the main character is middle age and is starting her life over in her hometown. I enjoy reading the struggles and the happy times of having a chapter 2. This character is very relatable.

This series is one of my favorites by Rysa Walker!

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